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Let’s develop the most delicious juice flavor possible.  If you have wanted the chance to be the brains behind the world’s next best tasting e-juice, opportunity is knocking!

One of my Favorite Juice Companies, Hurricane Vapor, is taking ideas to the Lab. What we need:

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Our Flavor, based on the most popular selections, will be submitted to Hurricane Vapor and available Exclusively at Get Juice Here in the New Year!

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Donald Spent His Gas Money at a Vape Meet

The Story of Donald

Donald is a normal guy.  He’d be the first one to tell you that, and he enjoys his average lifestyle.  Donald was a smoker for 15 years and he started vaping about two years ago.

He was always good with cars, loved building models, and believed he could have been a better drummer than Neil Peart had it not been for his abnormally small left hand.  Life deals The Hammer on occasion and Donald was relegated to the Bass Drum.  His larger right hand pounded rhythms that inspired the 808 sound that is so popular in today’s urban music.

There aren’t many opportunities for specialized Bass Drummers so Donald decided to study engineering at his State’s Tech College.  He excelled.  Donald became a tutor and his inventions won many contests.  It all came easy to him, but it didn’t make up for the joy he felt while drumming.

After school he landed a job at an aeronautical corporation and settled into the real world.  Considered a high school loser, Donald never made it with the ladies.  His Saturday nights consisted of Monster, Doritos, Call of Duty, and his trusty Camel Wides.  Surely not a sight for sore eyes, Donald lived a fairly isolated personal life, except for his best friend Marty from College.  If it weren’t for Marty, Donald would never leave his house.  Marty leaned on Donald to pass tests and complete projects in college.  Donald benefited on a few occasions by playing wing man for Marty.  The circle of life.

Sevilla-El Mito de Carmen la Cigarrera

Noticing the overall decline of his health and physical prowess, Donald decided that it was time to quit smoking cigarettes.  The first step was to buy Lights.  The lighter cigarettes would help him step down slowly and reach his goal of quitting completely.  This strategy didn’t work at all.  Donald was smoking twice as many Lights and spending double the money!

Bring in good old Marty.  Another Saturday of Call of Duty but this time Marty brought a new contraption.  An 18650 mechanical mod topped with an RDA built to .3 ohms.  Marty bought the mod at a B/M when he went in to inquire about e-cigs.  Marty handed the Mod to Donald and his eyes lit up!

He examined the RDA, the Mod, the coils, everything.  Then he took a hit.  The pure flavor explosion, delectable scent, and lung expansion sent Donald into euphoric convulsions.  After coming back into his body, Donald shut down the game and demanded to be taken to the vape shop at once!

I am Happy!

The vape store was like Disneyland for Donald, he couldn’t wait to start building his own coils!  After deciding on his setup, Donald made the leap into the world of vaping.  He grabbed his bag and on the way out he noticed a flyer for a Vape Meet.  He asked the store manager what a vape meet was and decided he had to attend.

Marty said he had to work that day, but the manager reminded him that this was the Biggest Vape Meet EVER!  Ever!  ever!  The word echoed in Donald’s ears like the sound of a harp strummed by a fallen angel.  He knew he had to be there even if it meant going to a social event, Alone.

As most vapers do, Donald named his mod.  He called her Christine because he loves Stephen King and he had a crush on Christine Harris in pre-school.  Armed with Christine, Donald headed to the Biggest Vape Meet EVER!  Ever!  ever!  The echoing again.  Donald gave Christine a kiss that only true drama fans could appreciate and hit the gas!


The gas?  Donald saw that the Low Fuel light was on, and he thought he had at least 40 miles of petrol to go.  So he decided to get gas on the way home.  He arrived at the Vape Meet and the butterflies began to flutter in his stomach.  The last time he was this excited he was striking his Bass Drum with surgical precision.

Donald was greeted at the door by two beautiful young e-juice models who offered him a sample of their wares.  Donald beamed with acceptance and gladly sampled the juice which was extremely delicious!  They told Donald to check their booth if he wanted to buy a bottle and Donald dashed in to the Meet.

Clouds were billowing everywhere.  Booths of e-juice vendors lined every square foot of the auditorium.  Donald grabbed a flyer from a table he was next to and saw that it contained the Order of Events.  He saw that there was going to be a Cloud Competition and he wanted in.

I choose Vaping

Even Marty was impressed with his ability to create immaculate builds that produced plumes of vapor.  And Donald entered the competition.  With Christine loaded with Max VG juice Donald blew the biggest cloud of the night and won the Grand Prize!  He had never received such praise and attention! He felt like a rock star, like Neil Peart!

The event promoter quickly grabbed Donald to ask how he was able to create such tremendous vapor.  Donald explained that God gifted him with an abnormally small left hand which helped him build intricate coils that larger handed vapers can’t.  Astonished by the answer the promoter invited Donald to meet some of the Event Girls and some of the top juice makers in the V.I.P. Lounge.

Time flew by and Donald bought an ipv3, a new RDA, 4 MOJO batteries, a new charger, and $113 worth of e-juice.  And he had a cheesesteak for $10!  What a night!  Donald received business cards, phone numbers, and he might even have a date with an Event Girl next week!  Donald was on cloud nine.  Vaping had truly changed his life!


He grabbed his bounty and headed back to his car and was immediately reminded that he needed to get gas.  Uh-Oh.  In the euphoria of the Meet, Donald spent every penny he had to his name.  His Credit Card was already maxed because of his last visit to the Vape Store.

He gave Christine a congratulatory kiss and started toward home.  The car was doing fine but within 5 minutes the sputtering began.  1 minute later, Donald, Christine, and his bounty were on the side of the road out of gas.

He couldn’t call Marty because he was working Graveyard and he didn’t have any other friends.  Dejected, Donald grabbed his belongings and started walking down the road towards home.  The thoughts of the Meet kept running through his mind and the sting of the wind was dicing his nose.  He wanted to cry because of his financial foolishness.  Then he heard it!

Three Event Girls hopped out of a car that had stopped behind Donald while he was walking.  They grabbed him and gave him a ride to get gas and his car.  No one had ever been so nice to him, surely no one as beautiful as these girls.  They invited him to their after party at a hotel downtown and insisted that the Cloud King keep them company.


Donald left Christine in the car.

Marty has not heard from him in two weeks.


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e-Juice Curators are Gifting Their Creations

Are you looking for some Free e-Juice?  Well, if you are a vaper and have a social media account I am sure that you have been offered a chance to win Free Juice!  If your social media news feeds are not loaded with opportunities to win Free Juice, take a few minutes and start Liking and Following the pages of your favorite e-juice makers.

social media

You will be prompted to like and follow similar pages, so feel free to like them as well.  Before long your news feed will read like an e-juice buffet menu.  As the vaping industry continues to grow, juice curators are hard at work mixing concoctions that are designed to please and tantalize the palette.  With so many options for vapers to choose from many e-juice makers have resorted to giving away their juice in an effort to attract loyal and socially active customers.

Unfortunately, Federal Regulations will soon slow down the vast numbers of start up juice makers and free juice offers.  Proposed FDA Guidelines will increase the investment necessary to start a new juice line which will knock many ‘little guys’ out of the game.  There has been heated debate regarding the intrusion of the Feds into the e-juice market and the rulings should begin in 2015.  Whatever your viewpoint, their decision will surely slow the rapid birthrate of new e-juice companies.


With that being said, this current onslaught and availability of juice lines is something all vapers should cherish and participate in.  The seemingly endless flavor options are the variety that will spice up your vaping life.  Most contests simply require an email address or request that you Share with friends.  The majority of contests are set up so you receive additional entries each time a friend enters the contest.  This incentive drives customers to ‘introduce’ the brand to their social circles which increases exposure and generates interest.

From wine makers to chefs.  Experts in the fields of flavor, taste, and presentation are getting involved in the business of e-juice.  Many former chefs for example, are using their culinary skills to blend and craft some of the most delectable e-juices imaginable.  How do they tell the world that the greatest e-juice EVER has just been created?

Silver Tray

Any good cook will offer a free sample of their work because they know you will want more!  Chick-fil-a gladly gives away samples to anyone willing to receive them and their restaurants are always packed, well, except for Sundays.  Giving away their product instills a trust by allowing potential customers to ‘Try Before You Buy’.

And that is what we are seeing in the e-juice world.   As a vaper this means that the cream will rise to the top.  With so much competition in the e-juice industry only the best will survive the current influx of contenders.  As vapers receive their Free Juice Contest winnings they will undoubtedly post their thoughts via social media.

When a vaper receives a juice that they are fond of they will recommend it to other vapers.  This word of mouth credibility means everything to new juice companies looking to gain traction in an ever changing and highly competitive industry.  Bad reviews tend to travel faster and the juice lines that miss in their plate appearances feel the sting of the strikeout.  This naturally eliminates the companies that are offering inferior products in relation to the market.

No Power!

Vapers are inclined to choose an e-juice that has been recommended by a friend, and disregard ‘chancing’ an unknown brand or flavor.   And that is why we are seeing so many opportunities to win free e-juice.  Word of Mouth was, is, and will be the best marketing channel for promoting any new product or brand.

So go ahead and get involved!  Start entering and sharing contests and see what new favorites you discover.  This window of e-Juice Contest Mania won’t last as the industry narrows down to the major players.  For now it is a Golden Age for vapers!  Try as many juices as possible and promote the companies that earn your business!  Every vaper craves that flavor!  And Every vaper wants Free Juice!  E-juice curators are gifting their prized creations to the world daily!  Let’s take advantage of their kindness!  Good Luck!

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Vaping Industry is Primed for Explosive Growth

The world of vaping continues to change as often as the weather and the numbers of people who have been affected by cigarette smoking is in the billions.

Almost everyone on planet earth has seen, smelled, or used a cigarette or tobacco product.  All through the ages man has communed with smoke.  Prior to the monopolization of tobacco products by major corporations tobacco was simply dried and cured.

I believe more people would continue to choose analog cigarettes over vaping, if the consumer knew they were getting a pure, natural, and organic product.  That is not the case and lung cancer rates are soaring in large part to the chemicals added to cigarettes.  Knowing this, most smokers look for alternatives or to abstain completely.  It is such a difficult urge to overcome and smoking cessation products and counseling are billion dollar industries on their own.

Of all the smoking alternatives, e-cigarettes have shown the most promise recently.  I have written on the different types of equipment you can use to vape and how vaping has saved my life.  Though I hated the taste and the smell, I believe I would still be smoking cigarettes if it weren’t for vaping.  No other quit smoking gimmick worked for me, I was addicted to more than the nicotine.  I needed that drag, that pull, the lung hit that vaping provides.  And I am not alone.

Yesterday, November 19, 2014, it was announced that the Oxford Dictionary ‘Word of the Year’ was Vape.  This is a clear indication that the term and the act will be here for years to come.  The majority of vapers are former heavy cigarette smokers who had tried several times to quit.  They are passionate about vaping and many are creating premium e-juices or mechanisms that increase flavor and vapor production.

New products and new innovations are popping up everywhere!  Aspire has created a tank called the Atlantis that has a built in sub-ohm coil which is changing the game for many vapers.

aspireAtlantisOnce you vape sub-ohm and experience the flavor and vapor production personally, you want more.  Prior to the release of the Atlantis vapers had to build their own coils on RDA’s which takes practice and is not for everyone.  The Atlantis is for every vaper that wants to easily experience sub-ohm vaping without the hassle of building or dripping.  You can bet that the innovation will not stop here!  I have already heard of a tri-tank system that let’s you click between flavors without mixing the tastes or re-loading!  These styles of tanks did not exist 3 months ago and the evolution of the industry continues to grow exponentially.

I enjoy building my coils and tinkering with setups for more flavor or vapor.  I recently purchased a dual 18650 Box Mod that chucks out vapor and I am very happy with it!  I still use my ‘tube’ mods but the ipv2 and my custom Box have been getting the majority of playing time lately.  As most of you reading this are aware, there is now an ipv3 (I had the 2 for less than a month when the 3 was released) and now someone has gone and created dual RDA setups!  I was watching a Dual RDA Box mod on eBay and it sold for $420!

DualI have not tried a Dual RDA Box Mod yet, but I’m hoping Santa will be kind so I can experience the latest leap in vaping technology.  The vaping industry is primed for explosive growth!  The passion of former smokers turned vapers.  Entrepreneurs creating inspired e-juices and liquids.  The continued product innovation in search of the perfect vape.  The sky is the limit when considering the potential financial growth from the social migration of smoking to vaping.  The next best thing is being created right now and will continue to infinity

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New Vaper’s Guide Part III

Hey, New Vaper, I think it’s time to Upgrade that Tank!

Part III of this Guide is for those who burned out their cartomizers in less than a week.  I’m talking about the chain vapers, have they started?  The night terrors of a dead battery, or the last drops of juice?  Have you killed the batteries on your Starter Kit already?  Has your juice lost that flavor that got you hooked?

Most cartomizers will go out on you after 10-14 days depending on your use of course.  This results in a burned taste and an undesirable vape.  A decision is to be made at this point.  Do you continue to invest in disposable cartomizers which are relatively cheap or upgrade your Tank?

You can start off by upgrading to a simple reusable cartomizer, but like the disposables, they will likely malfunction after two weeks of use.  Due to their low price, replacing cartomizers every couple of weeks is much cheaper than buying packs of smokes.  This is where many vapers find their happy place, cartomizers are easy to use and once you get used to them they are very convenient.

So, we started out with a basic pre-loaded cartridge with a built in atomizer and flavor.  Our B/M introduced us to the e-Go and cartomizers which provided the flexibility to change flavors and view your liquid levels.  And now we are considering the purchase of a clearomizer! What’s the difference?

The wicking system is somewhat improved with a clearomizer.  This ideally produces better flavor, vapor production and a more pleasurable experience. The wick system that is common in many cartomizers is replaced by a built-in coil/wick integration on clearomizers.

Once you catch the Flavor Bug you will without a doubt be in the market for a clearomizer.  The first entry point would be something like the Aspire ET-S.  A basic clearomizer with a single built in coil that is set to a resistance of 2.5 ohms.   There are several companies that offer similar clearomizers, Kanger Tech is one you will surely see.



The major difference between the basic clearomizers is how you load your liquid.  Some will require you to unscrew the bottom of your clearomizer to fill, others you simply remove the drip tip to add more fluid.  Experiment with both setups and see which design aligns with your preference.

Upgrading to a clearomizer will undoubtedly improve your vaping experience, but what if I told you there was more?  Wonderful human ingenuity has led to the development of even more advanced clearomizers.  These Top Shelf Tanks feature dual coil wick systems and offer the ability to adjust airflow.


Check with your local B/M shop or search online and you will witness the wide variety of Tanks.  I purchased a KangerTech Aero Tank as pictured above and it worked wonderfully.  After a few weeks of use it begin to leak juice into my mouth and would gurgle on inhale.  This indicates that the atomizer on the tank needs to be replaced at an average cost of $5.  Very similar process to using the cartomizer, except you keep your hardware and replace parts.

The flavor of the vape is extremely more complex using a dual coil tank system.  They have the capacity to hold up to 5ml of liquid which reduces the amount of times you refill, and did I mention the improved flavor?


I have also tried and currently use an Aspire Nautilus.  The Aspire has functioned better than the Kanger Aero Tank and I recommend it to anyone looking for a dual coil, adjustable air flow tank.  The choice of which exact Tank you will choose will be determined by Your preference.  My advice is to shop around and visit a B/M to examine the item in person if possible.  Also check out user reviews on the different Tanks that are available and find your match!

aspireAtlantisAs I stated earlier, human ingenuity is constantly changing the landscape and options available in search of the perfect vape.  I just learned about this new offering from Aspire called the Atlantis.  We haven’t discussed resistance in detail as of yet, but most coils in tanks are built to a resistance of 2.5 ohms.  The Atlantis features a built in sub-ohm coil with a resistance of 0.5, this is a major advancement!

Future chapters of the New Vaper’s Guide will cover Sub-Ohm vaping and ‘Cloud Chasing’.

I haven’t used the Atlantis yet, but based on my sub-ohm vaping experience I am sure it offers an improvement in flavor and vapor production.  I’m excited to try this out based on the quality and durability of the Aspire Nautilus.  This continuous product development is beneficial to all vapers and the industry.

Now you have finally chosen your tank and filled it up with your favorite juice!  You gently and carefully attach it to your e-Go battery, click 5 quick times, and …….  Houston, we have a problem!

No Power!

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Watch for Part IV  ‘We’re Going To Need More Power’ Coming Soon!

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New Vaper’s Guide Pt. II

E-Go and House Juice

open for business

The next level in the world of vaping would take you to your local Brick and Mortar (B/M) vape store. This is where you should start your e-cigarette experience if you desire more customization and flavor than pre-packaged brands offer.

Vapers that enjoy the pre-packaged e-smokes, but want more of a throat or lung hit will end up at a B/M eventually. Most vape stores have friendly and knowledgeable employees who are vapers, and can assist you with the right Starter Kit.

  A Kit usually consists of one or two e-Go batteries and one or two cartomizers. An e-Go is a rechargeable battery that delivers more power than a pre-packaged battery. There are also hundreds of variations to choose from. Different colors, power, and price ranges.

e-Go and House Juice

A cartomizer is a disposable/reusable ‘Tank’ that contains an attached wick.  You fill it with your e-juice selection and attach it to your battery.  It also serves as an atomizer which condenses the e-liquid into vapor when powered by the battery.

Most Basic Starter Kits will cost you $25 to $30 and include a bottle of House e-Juice which can be customized to your desired nicotine level. The e-liquids are easily prepared in strengths of zero, 3, 6, 12, or 18mg of nicotine.

I have seen strengths as high as 36mg for some e-liquids. These super potent blends are oftentimes produced in China and are of inferior quality and taste. I have seen these brands offered more at ‘Head’ shops or more traditional cigar shops, B/M shops will frown at the site of Chinese juice.

Angry businessman

Your local vape shop should have more flavors than a Baskin-Robbins for you to sample.  It is designed so every customer will leave finding one juice that tastes great to them.  Once you find the juice that fits your taste you will need to load the juice into the cartomizer.

This is a simple process, but can be messy the first few times you refill.  Cartomizers will usually hold 1-2ml of e-liquid which makes them convenient for on the go use like the pre-packaged brands.  This combination of e-Go and Cartomizer produce a relatively simple and very satisfying vape experience.

Better Choice

The vapor production is far greater than the pre-packaged products and the flavor difference of the two cannot be compared.  My first purchase of House Juice was Orange Cream and a Sweet Tobacco.  I clicked my e-Go 5 quick times, drew deep, and exhaled.  I have not purchased a pack of cigarettes since.

Of course all shops are different and there are some stores that do not sell House Juice.

Shop owners are unique, but you can be sure that they will have some juices ready for you to sample.  As the e-cig market continues to grow, more and more entrepreneurs are creating fascinating juice lines. There are B/M owners that have chosen to offer these 3rd party juices exclusively. This eliminates the need for a Clean Room to prepare the juices and other concerns that arise when handling and storing nicotine.


Whatever the situation, enjoy the different flavors, and try to sample 0mg nicotine juices if possible.  A zealous tasting session with a higher nicotine concentration can lead to symptoms of nicotine poisoning, so take it easy!

The friendliest of Vape Shops will also have some cold water on hand to combat dehydration which can occur due to the Propylene Glycol (PG) found in most e-liquids.  There has been a bit of controversy concerning PG and it’s role in vaping.

I choose Vaping

You must make your own decision regarding PG and be aware that a small percentage of people have allergic reactions to it.  There are e-juice lines that fill this need and offer liquids that contain no PG.  It is advised that you research all chemicals that you put into your body.

I have made my decision to vape.  I smoked cigarettes for many years and truly believe that vaping e-liquids contains fewer chemicals than smoking.  There are several known carcinogens that are activated every time a cigarette is lit, though the research is still being conducted, vaping offers far less risk in my non-medical opinion!

The e-Go/Cartomizer combination has helped many smokers become full time vapers.  The delivery and experience mimics that of smoking analogs and is unlike any other cessation aid.  The variety of flavors available to vape, the absence of ash and smoke, the convenience, and the return of damaged senses.  Visit a B/M Vape Store Soon and Get Your Vape On!

New Vaper’s Guide Part III Coming Soon!

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